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Rwanda is a land of a thousand hills and a great destination to view wildlife in both forest and savannah.

Not to be missed is Volcanoes National Park, a scenic gem where gorilla tracking and golden monkey trekking takes place. Both wild and habituated chimpanzees can easily be spotted in Nyungwe National Park.

Akagera national park offers wonderful savannah safaris with good wildlife viewing.

Situated in the southern hemisphere of the equator, this East African destination is famed for having the most popular mountain gorilla tracking park in the world, Volcanoes National Park.

This claim to fame comes from the fact that it was here that Dian Fossey first habituated these great apes. If you read about her and her work she has done, you will cherish the hike up to her old research station and gorilla cemetery.

While we could go on about how the trek to see golden monkeys in Volcanoes is a rewarding experience, the pleasures here extends beyond the visual realm.

Its true beauty can be felt when you close your eyes, tune out the other tourists and listen to the wind-wood creaking, leaves rustling. It is a perfect place to take in the sounds of a natural world.

At Nyungwe National Park, you will find a jungle with an ethereal glow and trees with seemingly endless heights.

At Akagera National park, you can take a boat cruise, game drive or nature walks as you discover how the Big 5 control the eco-system.

Along the way, you are likely to see topis and zebras pick their way over towering ranges as giraffes graze in the valleys whilst keeping a watchful eye for predators.

During the day, buffalos trudge through the shimmering haze and savannah-adapted elephants lumber along valleys where rivers meander.

At dusk, the air around Akagera’s lakeside echoes with the grunts of hippos and crocodiles as the huge skies mold themselves into a dazzling dome of stars.

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