Group Safaris in Uganda

It’s time for a break! Make the most of your time in Uganda by traveling with a group of people that have similar tastes and preferences. A group safari in Uganda culminates in a “wow” moment. It’s the most cost-effective method to save money, travel more and meet new people. Uganda is a warm and hospitable country in East Africa.

Students, coworkers, a firm, or a family can go on a group safari if they all have comparable tastes and inclinations. It is also possible to join other groups that are traveling on the same route and participating in the same activities. Everyone’s comfort, privacy, happiness, and enjoyment are important to them, and no one is left out.

Activities during Group Safaris

Group safaris offer a range of exciting activities, including wildlife game drives, hiking, nature walks, birding, and cultural experiences. Explore Uganda's stunning natural beauty and rich biodiversity with like-minded travelers.

Track chimpanzees and gorillas

Uganda has one of the world’s highest densities of primates and offers some of the best trekking opportunities. Meet your relatives, including chimpanzees, gorillas and monkeys, in their natural habitat. Mountain gorillas are a rare type of primates that can only be found on the African continent, with Uganda having the biggest population.

It’s done on foot, with a limit of 8 persons per gorilla family per day. Permits for these activities are sold on a per-person basis for the day of travel. In the southwestern region, visit Kibale Forest National Park, Kalinzu forest, Kyambura gorge, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park for chimpanzee and gorilla trekking respectively.

Wildlife viewing

Looking for an unforgettable group safari in Uganda? Look no further than our fantastic wildlife adventure! Explore the stunning natural beauty of Uganda’s national parks, home to a wide variety of exotic birds, animals, and flora.

Take a thrilling wildlife game drive lasting three to four hours, with options including Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, and Kidepo Valley National Park. You’ll have the chance to spot everything from majestic elephants and giraffes to graceful antelopes and lions.

Our safari vans, coaster buses, and big buses provide ample space for groups of any size, and with plenty of opportunities for picnics, dancing, and enjoying delicious food in the great outdoors, this Uganda safari is sure to be an experience you’ll never forget.

Mountain hiking and nature walks

Mountain hiking in Uganda offers a unique and unforgettable experience for adventure seekers. The snowcapped Rwenzori mountain range is one of Africa’s highest peaks and a popular destination for serious hikers. The challenging terrain and stunning views make for an exhilarating adventure, as you push past your limits and reach the summit.

Nature walks through Uganda’s national parks provide a peaceful and educational experience, with opportunities to explore the diverse flora and fauna of the region. Kibale National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park offer guided walks through dense forests and sweeping savannah plains, where visitors can spot chimpanzees, baboons, lions, elephants, and buffalo, among other wildlife. These walks provide a chance to learn about the natural environment and its inhabitants while enjoying the stunning scenery.

Bird watching

Uganda is a bird lover’s paradise, with an incredible diversity of bird species that account for 10% of the total bird species in the world. This makes Uganda one of the most sought-after destinations for birding enthusiasts. With its unique location and varied landscape, Uganda offers a great birding experience on the African continent. From the lush forests of Kibale National Park to the wetlands of Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda is home to an impressive array of birdlife.

The bird checklist in Uganda is wide and varied, with over 1,000 bird species recorded in the country. Visitors can expect to see a range of colorful and exotic birds, such as the African Grey Parrot, the African Fish Eagle, the Great Blue Turaco, and the Shoebill Stork, among others. With the guidance of expert ranger guides, visitors can explore different destinations to find different bird species, such as in the swamps, forests, and other habitats across the country.

Activities during Group Safaris

Uganda is a great place to visit at any time of year and so is East Africa as a general. It is critical to choose the best for a vacation soon after deciding to go on an adventure together. Uganda has two seasons and excellent equatorial weather. From March to May, there is a lot of rain, followed by a dry spell from September to November. Late December to February has a dry spell, whereas June to August sees dry weather with sporadic rainfall. The beauty of it all is that the rain only lasts for a few hours, allowing you to spend the greater half of the time doing anything else. June to September and December to February are the most ideal months for travel, with low or no rains. It also doubles as the peak tourism season in the country, with several visitors preferring It. This period is perfect for some specific outdoor activities like nature walk and hiking, white water rafting, cultural tours, primate trekking and wildlife safaris.

To those comfortable, the wet months of March to May can also be the best for a visit. It is always the low season of travel, with many disruptions of rainfall, but the beauty of enjoying exclusivity, low prices on permits and accommodation. Birding among other activities are most suitable during such seasons.

Simple tips for group safaris

We recognize that traveling in a group is more difficult because everyone is unique and has their own desires, interests and preferences. However, it is crucial to be mindful of one another for the sake of having fun, especially if you don’t know each other.

Window seats in a safari vehicle can be spared for individuals with the best cameras and binoculars.

Everyone’s voice must be heard and activities are carried out in groups for optimal enjoyment. The importance of respecting people’s privacy, belongings and language cannot be underlooked.

Uganda group safaris are a great way to enjoy trips without emptying the wallet. Booking as a group requires at least three months of advance preparations for proper planning.