Uganda Wildlife Safaris

A wildlife safari in Uganda is a fantastic journey, with the roar of a lion, speed of cheetah, rhythm of the gorillas, singing of the birds and the laughter of chimps and hyenas. Uganda is a small landlocked country located in the east of Africa. It is a little surprise that he was awestruck by the breathtaking beauty he witnessed, in his book “My African Journey”; wartime Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill praised Uganda as “Africa’s gem.” The Republic of Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo are the countries that border with Uganda.

Wildlife safaris are conducted in all regions of the country, particularly in the east, west, north and south, to reveal what Mother Nature has to offer. The courses are distinguished by beautiful planted African-style residences, friendly natives and variety of greenery. Activities revolve around the ten savannah national parks, game reserves, marshes and other protected areas. Picnic atmosphere, bush breakfast, photography, wildlife gazing and sunset viewing are all available in the outdoors. Take time off as a family, on your honeymoon, on a work trip, during summer or winter breaks, for photography, group travel or solo travel. Wildlife safaris are tailored to a certain wish and budget, as well as specific time frames.

Uganda is home to some of the most sought-after wildlife creatures; they may be seen in a variety of locations on wildlife safaris; the prey and predator list is unlimited. Primate population is the highest on the African continent, there are 10% of world’s bird species and water is as beautiful as the scenery. Massive mountains, flowing streams, lakes and rivers, thick forest cover and tremendous waterfalls from breathtaking locations. While you can go to the parks on your own and securely, using a tour operator is more enjoyable, cost-effective and well-organized.

Wildlife parks are located outside of Kampala, Uganda’s major city and hence need some time on the road or in the air. In the northeastern and eastern regions, wildlife safaris will lead you to the source of the world’s longest river – R. Nile; Mountain Elgon national park with its massive caldera; the spectacular Tororo rock, old Nyero rock painting, Pian-Upe game reserve and Africa’s ultimate wilderness – Kidepo valley national park in the extreme north-eastern corner.

Wildlife Safaris to North West, western and southwestern regions. This is a top safari region, bringing you close to the Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda’s largest and oldest conservation area, which is home to world’s most powerful waterfalls, Murchison Falls. Queen Elizabeth National Park – the most visited park, with the rare tree-climbing lions; Kibale forest national park, home of chimpanzees; Semuliki national park and its unique hot springs and large concentration of birds; as well as the paradise of endangered mountain gorillas – misty Bwindi impenetrable and Mgahinga Gorilla national parks. As you approach Mbarara, the sights and sounds of zebras and impalas welcome you to Lake Mburo national park, the city’s closest and most gifted safari park.

Activities to enjoy during a wildlife safari in Uganda.  

Take a Game Drive.

A wildlife safari’s main activity is to go on a safari. It is carried out early in the morning, when animals have only just begun their day and when night hunters are returning to their resting places. When nocturnal hunters such as lions, leopards, hyenas and others take use of the night cover, such as lions, leopards, hyenas and others. This can be done with safari vehicles and a trained ranger guide who will explain everything that happens in the bush. The edges of vehicle windows are ideal for watching and photographing the animals.

Guided Nature Walks and Hikes.

Walking through the designated trails offers great views of the flora and fauna. It draws you closer to mother nature, as you take photos, meditate, relax and more. It is safe and runs for a few hours.

Boat Cruise.

A safe sail on some of the world’s largest water bodies is a gift for all those arriving in the country for wildlife safaris. The boat ride takes place in the morning and afternoon hours, for roughly 2-3 hours, while watching a variety of aquatic animals such as crocodiles, hippos and more.

From June through September is the finest time to go on a Uganda wildlife tour. The quality of the safari experience is determined by the weather. The other months of March to May feature a lot of rain, but they are still good for budget tourists because of the discounts on lodging and services.

Wildlife safaris in Uganda provide a wonderful experience and lasting memories during your vacation. It is open all year and is accompanied by experienced guides. It is recommended that you schedule your safari at least six months in advance to ensure that everything happens smoothly.


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